Our stables are on course at Flemington. Entry is via Smithfield Road, which leads to a car park directly in front of you.


To the stable (by prior arrangement):

Proceed from the car park to the road that crosses the dirt horseway (western side of carpark). This road takes you around to the main stable of Blackiston Racing.

For your safety, please do not enter the stable complex via the eastern entrance from the car park. This is a horse area only.


Blackiston Racing Stable

To jump outs / track work (by prior arrangement):

Proceed from the car park to the tunnel (head west), towards centre of track. Stay far right under the tunnel.

This is a busy horse area, so please be mindful of horses and stay well clear, on the right. We recommend walking briskly to minimise horses having to pass you.

Once in centre of track, walk up the main horse track in the middle of the course. Again, stay far right away from horses. Please follow the directions of VRC staff in yellow jackets.

Once well past the first tower on your right, turn right across the grass and walk to the centre tower (the second of three towers you will see).

Please keep a watchful eye out until safely at the tower, remaining well clear of any horses that make their way around the tower, and remaining behind the railings once at the tower.

If you hear a siren, a horse is loose on the track. It is important to keep a watchful eye out.

If it is raining, please do not bring umbrellas.

Please also refrain from being on your mobile phone when walking to/from the tower. 

Blackiston Racing Tower