Science and data – time to get on board

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In line with many other high profile trainers, we have introduced the use of Arioneo’s Equimetre into our daily training routine.

Equimetre, manufactured in France, collects cardio, locomotion and GPS data simultaneously and automatically. We assign the equimetre trackers to some horses performing ‘fast work’ on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

It enables me to review heart rate, speed, split times, stride length and ECG of a horse during their training session.

Whilst a stable of our size does not have the luxury of a dedicated sports science department to analyse data, Arioneo provide excellent support and guidance. They draw on their experience across the globe to help us accurately interpret the data and use it as complementary information to modify training programs.

Some key questions I can now start answering with just a little more confidence, include:

  • Did the horse train in the proper intensity zone I requested?
  • Is this horse fit enough to race over the planned race distance?
  • Which distance might a horse be best suited to according to stride profile and acceleration?
  • What is the horse’s top speed and ability to maintain it, during each trackwork session?

A great example in recent times is the success of Ideal Miss. Prior to June 2022, she had raced 16 times for no wins. She was showing ability with a few good placings and one or two unlucky runs, having raced no further than 1600m.

I always had the suspicion she would be a middle distance horse however, contrary to her pedigree. Susanna and I discussed her future and shared our plans with owners to step her up in distance. Trackwork data (stride length and cardio recovery rate especially) and consultation with riders provided the confidence to modify her training routine a little and target middle-distance racing.

Since 1 June, Ideal Miss has raced seven times for 3 wins (1600, 2100m, 2630m). Her other performances over 2100m and 2200m (in BM70 grade) were meritorious.

I continue to learn and hope all horses benefit from this addition to our training approach.


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